Board and Train

Every dog learns at a different pace, that’s why we offer board and train programs that range from 7 days up to 6 weeks. There is not one exact way to train a dog. Some dogs will be highly motivated by treats, and some by praise only. We will use the best method for your dog to accomplish your goals. Training should be fun and enjoyable for you and most importantly the dog. Training is the best way to communicate to your dog. We use treats, verbal, and physical praise to help motivate and get the desired results. We do not hit, strike or scare any dog for any reason.
Additional collars, leash’s, and cots are available to purchase.

Training programs work on basic commands such as sit, down, come, recall, place, leave it, and walk politely on a leash. Behavior issues such a jumping, barking, and counter surfing will also be addressed during training. We can take your dog off site for additional training at a public setting if you desire. Taking a dog off site for training purposes does require the owners consent and understanding of the risks involved.

Please be aware we do not allow dogs with aggression issues in our board and train programs. Please seek another professional trainer if you are looking for training for aggression.

You pet will be provided with a proper fitting collar, or harness for training purposes. We train dogs primarily on leash.
We offer off leash training for dogs that are ready for the next set of challenges with training and learning. Dogs going off leash has to show they have mastered the recall command.
Owners wanting their dog to be off leash trained with a remote collar, can supply their own remote collar but must be approved by the trainer. We will gladly give you proper instructions on the usage of each tool and why that tool is the best one for your dog. Owners must show proficient use and knowledge of the training tool they are using.

Owners are welcome to bring any leash, collar, or harness if they would like the dog trained on that specific training tools.
You will be taught proper handling, verbal skill training, proper use of commands, and receive advice on unwanted behaviors. There is also a heavy emphasis on diversifying command for your dog around distractions and in different environments. Your willingness and ability to follow your trainers instructions is imperative for you to obtain off leash control consistently.
You must be motivated and consistent in working with your dog in order for the training to be effective. The commands included in these programs must be utilized in everyday living. Practicing daily at home is crucial in achieving complete on and off leash control. Everyone that lives with the dog should take part in daily sessions if they want the dog to listen consistently to them. Training sessions at home should always be fun and end on a good note.

Practicing 2-4 times a day for a duration of 5-15 minutes each practice session will help solidify what your dog has learned and make those desirable behavior a more permanent behavior.
The point of the training is to get your dog to want to do these behaviors majority of the time. Motivation will be a huge part of the reason why your dog will do the desirable behaviors.
If you have any questions about our method of training or type of training please feel free to ask.

1 Week — $775
2 Weeks — $1025
3-4 Weeks — $1675
6 Weeks — $3500